How to become a better lover

How to become a better lover
 Even the most shy and modest-looking girl dreams of becoming a better man for his mistress in the world. If you are in life is calm and balanced, there is always a chance for him to be in bed most-most, as an intimate relationship between people live their own separate lives.

Have sex with enthusiasm.

For a man, the main thing that the girl is not lying quietly, staring at the ceiling, and it was moving. Sex - a team game. Guys bored with the girl, whose laziness get an orgasm, and she can not once again a little postonat. The main thing is to partner feel that you get pleasure from the process. And any lover should know that portraying temperament can play too, and really get a huge sexual desire.

Be willing to experiment

Men want to do in bed is something about what love will tell their friends. Take part in the games of your partner, support the venture, and maybe even tighten up the idea. Do not make people squeamish, man is able to offer something worthwhile.

Say "yes"

Best lover never hesitate to indicate their partners on the ground, from which the stimulation she gets more excited. This must be done not only prior to intercourse, but in the process. While the man reconnoiters your body says "yes, gentler" or "yeah, right." This encourages men and makes them work harder, and that you will be on hand.

Learn to say no

Best lover also knows how to say "no." When it does get up stupid things that are not very pleasant to her, a woman should be able to resist. Can be always ready for sex, but to protect themselves from some of its manifestations. Men understand this, and rejected the script can offer its even better.

Show yourself all

Not complex on parts of the body, which all are equally perfect. Men love with their eyes, but they will not examine closely every pore, every line. They care about the very moment, and if at the time of the act you do not give to see the process, it will be of that with him now in bed is any Jessica Alba.

Sometimes takes a quickie

Sometimes men get tired and lazy in this case can not be overestimated. Do not force a man to engage in 20 minutes of cunnilingus, do not light scented candles. Best lover knows the selfish needs of your partner and allow themselves to be used as a simulator. And for that man in the future will thank full, and he wants to change the sex on lovemaking.

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