Family budget: how to plan

Family budget: how to plan
 Few people in marriage think about financial matters of the future family. Often, this occurs only when motivated by money conflict situations, so budgeting - this is an important task of both spouses.

Deciding to bring the financial issues in their family in order, first of all, count all income received by the family. Then divide them into four main types of costs:

- Mandatory expenses, including utilities, tuition or child care, pay the required accounts, loans and so on. These costs are permanent and principal;
- Basic expenses, including the cost of food, medicines, clothing, transport, etc.;
- Savings, including money that may be needed in an emergency, for example, for repair.
- Free spending - is the money needed for entertainment and gifts.

Depending on the situation, the data items of expenses may increase or decrease. To understand how the money is distributed is in your family, try to calculate the budget every month and plan income and expenses by approximately six months in advance.

Often, young families do not represent a clear situation of income and expenses do not specify thinking that money - it's a nasty story. As a result, this topic sooner or later will still rise, but only during the quarrels and scandals.

Another mistake young families is the inability to distribute the priority expenses, purchases and payments. Family members want everything at once, and as a result can not buy even the most necessary.

Great danger for family are insurance, loans, checks and bank accounts. Never need to be lazy as you can learn more at the bank's employees about the risks of all the services provided. If you are with great caution and care react to this, you can easily avoid financial difficulties, because the most important key to successful conduct of Finance - certainty in the distribution of money for expenses and family needs.

Do not forget the fact that each family member should have their own money that they are free to spend at its discretion. Be sure to consider this when planning costs.

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