Confronting her husband and parents

Confronting her husband and parents
 Alas, sometimes the closest people become bitter enemies. And the confrontation with the father-in-law or mother-fold just a legend. His wife's parents often think that my daughter is worthy of a much larger and chose a completely wrong husband.
 Most often it is the mother and father of the bride show their dissatisfaction with the selected partner's daughter. And consider themselves the right to interfere in their relationship. It is justified only if the young still not independent. That is, live with their parents, do not earn money for their own needs, etc. In this case, adult relatives feel the full right to voice complaints. But if a couple lives separately and fully self supporting, the intervention of parents in their lives is simply unacceptable.

To bring peace in the family, you should try to make friends with the man she loved her parents. It should be done carefully. To begin to talk separately with mom and dad, alone with her husband. Describe all of the most valuable and good qualities of character of the opposing sides. Explain how you trouble of war. You are caught between two fires, and just can not take someone's side, because all you are very expensive. After this meet me. Better if it will be held on neutral territory - in a cafe in the park, on a picnic. So all parties to the conflict will be on an equal footing. And a public place will not let the conversation turn reconciling the fray.

Monitor the process of negotiations, cropped dangerous topics. You know the weaknesses of loved ones, so try to talk to them are not affected. Be sure ozvuchte as you are happy that everything came together and how you do not have enough of these family gatherings.

After the first meeting, let family time to think. Do not mind about what happened, let them decide what to do next. Most likely, someone will express the wish to continue the dialogue to get to know each other better. Periodic visits to the guests and regular communication by telephone necessarily reconciled the conflicting parties. There are common topics of conversation, and perhaps you dear people still become good friends.

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