A wise woman, who is it?

A wise woman, who is it?
 In regards one of the spouses must be wise, or family sooner or later fall apart. And his wife, as homemakers, can take on this heavy burden. That's just who it is - a wise woman?

The word "family" is associated with comfort, warmth and mutual understanding. Indeed, when a man and woman posing this unit of society, they are filled with the brightest feelings and desires and are the fulfillment of all their dreams. Indeed, for some time the couple live in perfect harmony with sincere oschuschunie happiness. But after a year, then two and a veil with eye drops. This does not mean that people suddenly become strangers, they just look at each other with new eyes. Often disputes and conflicts. And to save in this situation can only wisdom. A wise woman - the salvation of the family. But in order to achieve this status, you need to think about what you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of prosperity and relationships.

First, take a look at your pair from and draw a conclusion about whether you want to love continued. Divorce - the usual case for people who can not and do not want to live any longer together. If you realize that the husband dear and loved one, then you have to become someone wise.

Second, decide whether you can change your character. In quarrels woman plays a significant role. Often it reproaches her, nitpicking and requirements become unbearable for a man. And if you know that nebezgreshny, the Straight to behave calmly, look for compromises learn more silent and listen. Loving wife can always achieve the desired goal without screams and scandals. Peace talks are far better.

Third, not "Saw" husband. If he likes a job, a car, fishing, hunting, etc., do not do from this tragedy. Little personal freedom necessary for each person. The main thing that he did not devote all his time hobby.

Fourth, trust him. There are wives who exhibit excessive suspiciousness: reading sms on the phone, browsing and e-mails, etc. Such vigilance hurt your loved one. In addition, such actions do not make you stronger family. Distrust can create a desire to actually do something bad.

And, fifthly, surround husband care, love, attention, give him a child and comfort in the house. This man will be able to appreciate it and realize that you are the wisest woman in his life.

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