You - a witness?

You - a witness?
 Being a witness is very honorable. But this is no easy task. All holiday bridesmaid should help around the newlyweds. If toastmaster holds competitions - witness and witness their first participants. If declared dancing - your job is to get out on the dance floor, so after you pulled away. And if the scenario exercise is intended bride price - the witness is given an honorary role of leading this small show.

What you should pay attention to the witness in preparation for the wedding bridesmaids? In - First, the dress. In no case do not wear white. While this is not your holiday, and let a snow-white lace get the bride. You can choose any color and style that you like. Pick unusual accessories, make a beautiful hairdo, and you will be on top. Footwear is better to choose to steady heel or mid-sized wedges. You will have to walk a lot, and feet to the end of the evening can be very tired in high heels.

Be sure to grab a small handbag or clutch. Put back the mirror, comb, needle and white thread, scissors, wipes, handkerchief, pins, studs. All of these things can come in handy if you need to be a bride or fix her hair, detached hem hem, fasten decorations on the bodice of the dress.

If the procedure is to be the bride price, ask for you to print the script. Most likely, you will play a major role in this action. Gather items that may be needed - cups, key, lipstick, crayons. Carefully read the plan of redemption. Search the Internet, or think up funny sayings and expressions that you can use on the go. Try to make this a standard ritual in a fun, memorable event.

During the wedding, be ready to help the bride throughout. If the event manager does not provide - help seated guests, arrange with the musicians when what song to play. Accept gifts and flowers along with the bride in time to free her hands and put all the gifts in the space provided.

Try to look at ease, no matter how difficult you may be the end of the evening. You can relax on the next day, but for now do everything to make the wedding a success. Believe me, the couple will be very grateful. And your best friend would be appreciate you even more.

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