Why do we need a marriage contract

Why do we need a marriage contract
 Love - is beautiful and bright feeling, but, unfortunately, not eternal. Divorce statistics in Russia is - about 80% of the people they married, eventually divorced. And while the already difficult relationship is further complicated by sharing of joint property and other mutual claims. Here can help a marriage contract as a civilized way to regulate many points of contention during cohabitation and divorce.
 The marriage contract should not cause a feeling of protest in a young couple and seen as an allusion to the fragility of the Union. Not to be confused feelings and business relations. Marriage - is not an eternal honeymoon, and heavy joint work and the solution of various problems of life.

It is worth remembering that in ancient times very often marriages were just on a business basis, which did not prevent, but rather help them to be strong and long. Prenuptial agreement allows you to choose the system of property relations, guarantees and confidence you and your children in the future. It regulates the property relations in marriage and divorce.

This document specifies the various nuances of the division of property in a divorce on mutually beneficial terms. Of course, even a written document does not give a 100% guarantee of its performance. There are always ways around that can take advantage of if you want the other party (write property to a third party, earned a black cash payment, etc.).

In addition, the marriage contract outlining the responsibilities of spouses by mutual content, the ability with the disposal of each other and the sharing of family responsibilities expenses. In addition, the agreement spells out any other provisions relating to the property of the spouses (Art. 42 RF IC) is determined by the regime of ownership - simultaneous, separate or shared.

If desired, the marriage contract can regulate not only the property but also personal relations between spouses. It is possible to prescribe the duties of husband and wife in the house all the subtleties. But, unfortunately, in Russia, these items are purely advisory in nature and in dealing with the court will not be considered.

To amend or terminate the marriage contract is possible only with the consent of both spouses, or in the case of divorce. In addition, the contract may be modified or terminated at the request of one of the spouses under Chapter 29 of the Civil Code, including fundamental breach of contract with the opposite side.

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