Wedding in 17

Wedding in 17
 17-19 years old - the age is not so long ago was considered the best for marriage. Now the situation has changed dramatically. And the average age of the bride is already 25-30 years, and marriage at 17 is considered very early. But still there are girls who even at this young age put on a wedding dress. Unfortunately, it often breaks his fate.  
 Teens are categorical in their statements. If they have something decided to change their opinion is very difficult. And if the young lady decided to wear a ring on your ring finger, parents often can not dissuade her from doing so. In 17 years the world has seen in black and white, various shades appear much later in life. A young girl may think that she has found her prince, met the love of his life.

But in the next 2-3 years, she realizes that it is not. In Russia, a large number of divorces, especially in people who were married 20 years. Virtually the entire world has come to the realization that you need to build a family close to 30 years. However, in Russia such awareness has not yet occurred. And young girls, early jump to marry, get divorced, not married and lived in five years.

This occurs for many reasons. Despite the progressive acceleration, a man grows up to 21 years. And, of course, increases not only the body, formed intelligence, consciousness, habits. Therefore, the 17-year-old bride themselves have, in fact, the children, even though they will not admit it. And any child's responsibility is not yet formed. They know only the word "want". "I can", "know how" and "know" has not yet appeared in their vocabulary. Yes, often young girls to achieve the desired and marry. But after that, they often do not know what to do with this marriage. They can not properly take care of your wife, is not used to being in charge, do not know how to strengthen the alliance. But without it is unlikely to survive for at least one family.

Yesterday schoolgirl studying life, over and over again, stepping on a rake. It is unlikely that at least one adult woman allow the same mistakes that allows 17-year-old wife. And it's not the cooking borscht and cleaning the apartment. Any alliance should be maintained on both sides of husband and wife. The girls still do not think that love should be strengthened and supported. That is why early marriages so often fall.

Of course, the young couple did not shy away from marriage and domestic side. Money problems, unwillingness to keep the house in order, the lack of culinary talent - all this creates an excellent ground for divorce. Young people are thrown into adulthood with absolutely no training. And, of course, it creates certain difficulties, which can survive, not all young families.

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