Wedding abroad: do not like at all

Wedding abroad: do not like at all
 Sometimes there is a desire to play a wedding "is not everything." And the couple mainly choose asceticism, that is painted without witnesses, in order not to repeat what has been around for hundreds of times - a large number of not very familiar relatives surprises weather photos in the city's attractions. But a wedding geography still worth expanding.

If their wedding day you want to feel like a fairy tale, then go away from the city. After all, every corner is associated with certain stories in your life, everything is painfully familiar and burdened with a large load of memories. And start a life together with someone who you care, better with a clean slate.

Take a only close friends and go together abroad. Then at your wedding will be a special atmosphere, because during travel and leisure people are always in a good mood, and the entire burden of care is left somewhere far away in his hometown. On your wedding day, no one is late because of traffic jams or working status and no one would go ahead of time, because tomorrow morning to get up early. Besides all this, your wedding abroad will certainly be the beginning of your honeymoon.

If you think that this wedding will cost you much more than usual, start counting. And you will be immediately obvious that a decent wedding for a hundred people in his hometown would be considerably more expensive than a truly magical wedding for 20 people on the beach in France or Italy. Of course, by such an event is very difficult to organize, and this is the case when it makes sense to refer to a specialized agency that deals with this. Thus, you save yourself from all organizational matters, and you will only enjoy the romance.

European bewitching scenery will give your wedding photography special refinement. The beach or the mountains, amazing landscapes, old buildings plus everything is almost always a good warm weather - and your wedding photo shoot is simply doomed to great success. So nice when viewed in the future your wedding photos will be future children and grandchildren.

Also there is another important positive aspect of weddings abroad - this is what they can do absolutely any time of year. On the European shores of the Mediterranean, there are about 300 sunny days during the whole year, except is January, and even in January temperature is 15 degrees above zero. And in order to get married, not necessarily wait until spring, as is often the case with us.

There are three ways weddings abroad.

You can combine an official marriage, in which case you will be issued a certificate of registration of marriage in the country in which he was imprisoned. Subsequently, you will need to legalize it in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Another way to a wedding abroad - so it's a special wedding ceremony in the church, in many European countries have Greek or Russian Orthodox churches.

And the easiest way to conduct such a wedding - it's purely symbolic ceremony. In this case, all of the official registration of marriage takes place in the home country and abroad, you will find a beautiful ceremony, which will conduct an actor - recorder.

Never be afraid to own desires. Dare to dream. After insane acts that are committed in the name of love, always justified

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