How to marry a foreigner

How to marry a foreigner
 Marriages between people of different nationalities, including foreigners, are not uncommon. Many girls want to get away from the dullness and monotony of their familiar surroundings, to find an interesting partner and experience life in other, more prosperous, socially, countries. If you are fascinated by this idea, too, is good to reflect on their actions, so as not to make mistakes, because you probably already warned by relatives or friends about how hard it will be to overcome the difference in culture, mentality, attitudes, values ​​and principles between you and your chosen one.
 First, you would be nice to decide what a citizen of the country you would like to meet, and this is perhaps one of the most important criteria for selection as a live-then you have there. And men are different in every country, and they are not valued by nationality, but by the character and spiritual qualities.

Defining their national preferences, try as much as possible to further explore the literature of this country. Having an idea about its history, culture and traditions, you will know what you have to deal with, as well as easier and faster to find a common language with your chosen potential.

Speaking of language: if you get married to a foreigner, you still have to learn it, so start doing it now. Language skills will allow you to avoid many mistakes and troubles, and find the groom will undoubtedly accelerate. Language courses and tutors now more than enough.

Most likely, you will have to find a partner through a dating agency. A lot of them, both domestic and foreign. If you're familiar with the girls who have passed this way before you, ask for advice from them, but if not, then your common sense should tell you which of them should be dealt with. It is obvious to those in the business for a long time and managed to gain a reputation with those who provide full information about the bride and do not try to pump money from you for any reason. You need to know where your ad is placed, and, of course, is there any positive results (marriage) of the agency.

Now there is a program of video over the Internet, through which you can see the person you are interested in and talk to him before I met. Leading the search for a partner, you have a clear idea of ​​the husband you want for yourself. Try to make it a virtual portrait and compare with new friends. If you do not satisfied with something, do not waste your time and this man, and not encouraging it. Can advise you one thing: looking for as long as you love and make sure that this person is - is your only choice.

Starting communication with the husband candidates, try to learn more about it, and do not give him false information about their marital status, presence of children, age, etc. First of all, your lie still and will reveal you hurt the same, when the relationship will drop further, and, secondly, in many countries, the provision of false information is treated as a base for the annulment of marriage.

Another important condition for your future serene and safe life abroad - is an acquaintance with the laws of the country in which you want to go. Citizenship, your rights, property, all the details relating to children and, God forbid, divorce - all you need to know more thoroughly before your documents appear the appropriate stamp.

Your destiny and your happiness depends on whether you will be able to make the right choices and find exactly the person you dream about. Look around again: perhaps, your happiness is not as far away as you think.

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