Car for a wedding: how to choose the best

Car for a wedding: how to choose the best
 Wedding procession usually includes a car for the bride and groom and the car or minibus for the guests. Of course, the number of cars in a particular case will depend on many factors, like the choice of different models.
 First of all, decide how many machines you will need. Options may be different, starting with just one car to luxury motorcade. If you are planning a modest wedding ceremony with a minimum of guests, and the main celebration will be held at the restaurant, only makes sense to order a car for the newlyweds as relatives and friends can come directly to the institution designated by the beginning of the holiday. If at the ceremony will be attended by many people, and after it is planned to walk, should order a car and a minivan. Minibus roomy, economical and does not take up too much space in the parking lot, so order it is more profitable than a dozen drivers on the hire cars.

Think how much money you can spend on a wedding procession. Since the wedding celebration in some cases associated with more to spend, this issue is very important. Rental fees can vary greatly, so that you can choose as a luxury car, and cost-effective option, depending on your ability. In order to save, you can not book a car and ask someone from friends or relatives to stay by your driver at the wedding. If most of the guests will not be present in the registry office, this option allows you to painlessly save a considerable amount. If you do decide to rent a car, choose very carefully, taking into account all the nuances.

As already mentioned above, the guest should order a minivan. As for the car for honeymooners, its choice depends not only on the budget, but also the style of the wedding. For example, you can choose a retro car or even a coach with horses, and can stay for a standard limousine. Finally, consider one more important detail: the number of people who will go with you. In addition to the bride and groom in the car can sit witnesses, parents on both sides, videographer, photographer, and so forth. The more people, the more capacious car should be.

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