What to give your loved one?

 During the day your man again and again looking at her; thoughtfully, then absent-mindedly, then nervously. He will not part with it ever. Sometimes, looking at her - a graceful and moving - he remembers you. Who is she? She - the minute hand of his watch. Hours that you presented to him.

How? You did not give him a watch? Did you know that, according to the results of sociological research, watches are the gift that would get every man? It's no wonder Watches have always been considered a royal gift - among other gifts emperors portrayed the different states to each other clock. Today, presidents endows hours most worthy people of his country, and business leaders give their partners the clock to mark the successful transaction.

So, you've decided that certainly give your man a watch, but do not know which to choose? It's not as difficult as it seems. Firstly, you need to be guided by his tastes and preferences, which you, of course, well known. But this is not enough. Choosing gifts for menMust take into account the interests, hobbies, and even hobbies.

Man holds a high position? You need to give him such a watch that will highlight its status. Of course, it will be expensive, solid Swiss watch. For example, the classic Swiss watches Longines from the collection of Evidenza. If a man spends much time at work, if a business suit - it is his casual clothes, then classic watches - what he really needs. Man certainly will appreciate strict, solid hoursCertina. Collection of Classic and elegant, and even fine watchesCertina from the collection of DC Tradition Gent.

Men who prefer to wear classic rigor and conservatism, certainly like watches Tissot from the collection of T-Gold Classic with a round dial, gold case and leather strap. If a man is already a classic watch, it does not mean that he does not appreciate a gift, because the clock - it is often the only piece of jewelry that is man. If women enjoyed the next necklace or bracelet, why man should not rejoice in the second, third or ten o'clock?

What to give your loved one?

WatchEmporio Armani
What to give your loved one?

What to give your loved one?


If your man is interested in sports, the perfect gift for him will be the sports watch. Choosing sports watches for men, you should pay attention to the fact that they are durable, functional and stylish. It was such a watch manufactured by SuuntoKnown worldwide as a manufacturer of different sports watches and wrist computers.

Man for whom sport - that's life, without a doubt will be pleased to receive such a gift, like a wrist computerSuunto from the collection of Puls Monitor. This watch-computer include additional features such as heart rate monitor, calorie counter, rating scale training event log to record workouts, stopwatch and others. The stylish, original design clock made by companyCertina. WatchCertina from the collection of DS Fiction - functional, reliable and original. Design watch is made in the outer space theme. WatchCertina from the collection of DS Spel combine necessary for an athlete functionality and elegance.

The man who enjoys hiking, fishing, hunting, and extreme sports will be delighted to receive a gift of functional wristwatch computer. For example, such as the clock Tissot from the collection of T-Touch with the functions of thermometer, barometer, compass, altimeter and a stopwatch. Men's Wrist WatchesSuunto Tourist from the collection will become an indispensable thing for your hunter, fisherman or extremals. However, the wrist computer - it's a great gift for all men, because we know that each of them in the soul hunter.

What to give your loved one?

What to give your loved one?

What to give your loved one?


Stylish man pays tribute to fashion, certainly will like fashion watches - watches from famous fashion designers. For example, clock Versus orArmani from the collection of Meccanico - these watches are ideal as a business suit, and to jeans. Fashion watches are diverse - they can be both classical and avant-garde. These watches are a great gift for the man who loves to dress up bright and stylish. If the job does not require men daily wearing a business suit, if its activity is associated with creativity, fashion watch will be a wonderful gift for him.

Lovers of traditional exchange rings. And why not exchange rings instead of hours? Clock unisex. Choosing the beloved gift, you can buy a couple of hours unisex - for themselves and for him. During the day, while you will not be able to be together, you will warm the idea that you are looking at the same face and look forward to seeing. You can purchase luxury watches unisex Longines. For example, clockLongines BelleArti with gold case and alligator leather strap will look great and female, and male hand. A more expensive option - WatchesLongines Dolce Vita with gold case and bracelet. What is not a wedding watch?

Happy hours are not watching! They are selected and presented! Give your man hours - and let it often looks at them the minute hand, counting the hours and minutes before meeting with you.