Wedding dress

 Wedding - one of the brightest events in the life of any person, and it is important that the situation underscores the solemnity and importance of this event. The dress of the bride, of course, plays a crucial role in the organization of a wedding celebration.

The girl should feel like a queen, and therefore the choice of wedding dress requires a careful approach. Dress must be beautiful, comfortable and practical, that it can be put on and bride price, and the official part of the ceremony. Contrary to popular belief wedding fashion trends is subject to change, no less than any other fashion. Annually flares interest to some original models of wedding dresses, but also elegant classic is always up to date.

This season is very popular simple elegant wedding dresses, gentle waves flowing to the ground and emphasizing the figure of the bride. The bodice is decorated with ruffles, sequins and embroidery. Extremely popular strapless dress, with bare shoulders, which emphasizes the dignity of the figure and the beauty of the neck, shoulders and neck of the bride. If the bodice usually richly decorated using glass beads or lace, the skirt often quite simple, but elegant. Well there is a tendency to asymmetry, which contributes to the image of the bride some mystique.

Use of accessories - an indispensable attribute of a good wedding dress. Let the dress and no different with some design refinements, but the belt, brooch, ribbon allow you to add flavor to the outfit. Recently bolder brides resorted to the use of accessories, contributing to your wedding dress more and more new elements. While still the dominant color is white dresses, wedding dresses cream shades, pastel colors are gaining popularity. Subtle tones accentuate the beauty of the bride and skin look much more organic than white.

Modern trends in wedding fashion dictate their terms. Wedding Dress ceased to be inviolable standard, it is now the object of attention of fashion and fashion designers. Brides to choose from a variety of offers hundreds of wedding dresses, each of which is unique and original. Modern wedding dress combines elegance, practicality and convenience, allowing the bride to be tested for the dignity of bride price, and then shine the beauty of the ceremony of marriage.

Wedding dress

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