Walking to Africa

 Summer is steadily heading towards sunset, with each day bringing a dull autumn. Nevertheless, there is still the sweetest moments of holiday pores, and there is still a favorite with all the velvet season. Besides the weather proves to us his reluctance to part with the tropical heat, which covered half of Europe.

And you can not once again admire designers famous fashion houses that seem to anticipate the simple climate fact that the African heat wave upon us since May and searing wave swept the country, who have never been champions in the temperature regime.

Actually, I must honestly admit that ethnic motives last couple of seasons somehow receded into the background in a series of fashion trends. Probably, and designers themselves, and consumers of their products (if so permitted to say about the creation of the world of high fashion) tired of total immersion in the ethnics (especially eastern), which was observed before.

It turned out that much more successful collection may not be entirely based on any particular ethnic peoples of the world's most exotic (and inquiring mind has studied design and has the least numerous tribes of Amazonian Indians, Eskimos and frost), and some spicy notes or shtrishki.

I think that in this area there was a formation of African fashion trends this season. Well, not so much to all without exception were passionate about it is the black continent, but its magical effect, no doubt, enlivens the collection of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Prada, Hermes, Kenzo, Roberto Cavalli, Max Azria, Anna Sui, and many others.

But it is quite impossible to set aside some one direction, some in one direction and one overall silhouette. No, the hot wind of the Sahara and the humid tropical forests breath every artist inspired by something different. And all together creates a wonderful mosaic of bright mysterious and little-world.

First of all it can be traced to the used drum. Among them are quite exotic. And especially distinguished himself this time fashion house Givenchy, who used something similar to ancient rock carvings on virtually all items of ladies' clothes - from tight pantyhose to shoes and handbags.

Similar, but much less complex patterns can be seen on dresses and jackets from Pollini. This is also a combination of chocolate terracotta and pale ivory, too graphic, as if made by hand sketches of geometric shapes, only added another and finish of exotic-colored feathers.

In general, the color palette "African" images of this summer are observed primarily not just warm shades and hues vteplye in a well-defined colors. This desert colors - yellow, brown, camel, white, slightly faded green, muted orange.

Sometimes it seems to be very simple, understandable to everyone and no exotic patterns in nature (eg, in the same Roberto Cavalli is just a white, brown and yellow stripes), but a carefully chosen combination of colors, their alternation, the connection to the large bulky ornaments unobtrusively creates the desired image.

At Kenzo, Custo Barcelona, ​​Leonard and even Prada used only randomly (at first glance) located colored geometric shapes, but they perfectly convey the "African" mood. After all, the continent emerged from the chaos and still full of original chaos.

But some designers have chosen a much more simple and intuitive way, focusing on plant and animal prints. For example, the fashion house Moschino squeeze all that is possible, from the cute image of a giraffe. He has a nice little cocktail mini-dress with tiny multicolored zhirafchikami and voluminous silk blouse with white and brown color prints under the giraffe.

In Michel Klein, Lacroix, Ferretti pay more attention to plant drawings, but no details, very simple, stylized primitive manner of the ancient tribes. Someone is stylized exotic flowers, someone - yellow crescents of ripe bananas. It is only strange that there are no pictures of this indispensable attribute of the African landscape as palm trees.

But what this can be important for each of us? After all, it is so far away from our everyday life ... But this is only at first glance. In fact, all of these spacious light dresses, coats, trousers, tunics with flying sleeves - perfect clothes for rest.

And not only ideal for exotic night parties on the Mediterranean beaches, but also for ordinary holiday gatherings in central Russia. They are convenient, easy, cool. They look elegant, unusual, at the same time without causing deliberate rejection exotic. Moreover, they allow quite modern eclecticism - well combined with shorts in the style of a safari, leggings, skinny jeans.


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