Retro and vintage to modern fashion

Retro and vintage to modern fashion
 Today the word - retro and vintage - almost on the lips dandies and ladies, from the pages of magazines and TV screen. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, furniture. All in vintage fashion, as well, and retro.
 Is there a difference between the two? It is elusive and yet to be determined until the end. It is considered that retro - this is a general trend in fashion, art, when consciously sought after things have signs of antiquity. Moreover, it can be as authentic antiques, and created in our time, but artificially aged or manufactured according to the standards of the past.

Sometimes used this division. Vintage - a thing created in the previous generation, that is, the age of 20-25 years. A retro - it's an antique, were born 40, 50, 60 years ago and earlier.

Whatever it was, but things retro or vintage - now more popular than ever. And no matter what it is - shoes, pulled out of my grandmother's trunk, or a great set of Polish jewelery middle of the last century.

Of course, my grandmother's dressing gown in which she, sorry, spent 15 years of his life, or stool, which stood in the communal kitchen than a dozen other age - it's not retro or vintage. It's just junk.

To become a thing of vintage, it should have a number of advantages. It should fully reflect the spirit of his age, to be a "sign." For example, seventies shoes by Vivienne Estvud today will be in the price. And shoes factory "Skorokhod" found at my grandmother's attic, you can safely pass a wreck. Beautiful nesseser for cosmetics came from the forties, flared jeans hippie era, decorated with stylish embroidery - all of this vintage. And these things are now becoming a source of pride and envy its owner around him.

In an effort to create a retro image will first need to decide what you are attracted to? Femininity forties or ease the seventies? Walk on the "granary" family visit "flea markets". If vintage jewelry you only give a hint about the love of retro, then make the image will help you complete shlyapka- "pill" or shoes with cork platform.

It is not difficult to answer the question, what is the special charm of vintage things. In our hectic age is a way to stop time, a way to express their individuality. Nowadays pragmatism vintage thoroughly permeated with emotions of the past, our not-so-distant ancestors.

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