New style business clothes

New style business clothes
 While business women were forced to dress as a "bluestocking" long passed flight. Currently, almost all modern companies, not only small but also large concerns, agree that the style of clothing for the office, is undergoing many changes.  

Business attire should be neat, well-sewn and carefully ironed. This is a necessary condition for the right fit for important meetings and negotiations, but it should be fairly intricate and convenient to it was freely and comfortably.

That can be tolerated in a free-style business:

• Suit for office is becoming more feminine. This is reflected in a rather fancy blouses and jackets. Also allowed discreet jewelry and accessories. For example, a business meeting perfect dress, fitted with the full length of clasp. This dress will look not only feminine, but rather reserved. However, there is one condition - they must not be swift you like a second skin;

• Pants and jackets with trendy style. The more intricate the jacket, the easier it should be a skirt, trousers and blouse. If we talk about pants allowed low-key color, simple but fashionable cut, which is close to the classical style. They should be cut straight or slightly flared, barely visible in the strip or one tone, soft tissue (mixed or wool);

• Ordinary straight skirts mostly unattractive too boring. To date, office style allows almost any skirt silhouette, of course, if they have a good fit and sufficiently restrained not only in color but also in design. The length of this skirt should cover the knees;

• Bottom and top should have a different color. Should replace those boring colors like brown and gray bolder colors or even the top and bottom may have a contrasting color. It is also possible to combine the top and bottom by different costumes. Nevertheless, more and more business lady prefer blouses and absolutely refuse jackets;

• You can use eye-catching details. Thinking outside the box in any good company always caused only approval. To date, this rule applies to an office suit. You can afford one or two unusual items, such as shoes or frilly ruffles blouse presence;

• Admitted sweaters and suits from jersey. With a blouse can be combined knitted jacket.

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