In addition to jeans

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 In the wardrobe of every woman has a pair of jeans. This element of your image was a long way from the status of work clothes to stylish everyday option. However, despite the versatility to choose the correct addition to the jeans are not so easy.

Certainly, tops go perfectly with almost any jeans. Variants of this big set of clothes there, so to fit the model in addition to jeans, you need to determine the style, color scheme and style.

An interesting variant offers fashion brand Cristopher Kane: top is made of purple, red and blue silk, it is notable for a wide belt of fabric and extremely unusual brim. Blumarine presented luxurious chiffon top blouse with topical this season leopard print.

More casual color model proposed cocoa brand Rebecca Taylor. Very sunny and happy looks on top Unique: it is made of light fabric flying and has an interesting pattern - print.

Another win-win situation, in addition to jeans - this blouse. Do not get lost in the wilds of the range of recommendations to help leading fashion houses. So, Miu Miu advised to stay on a variant with long sleeves soft light green hue. Miu Miu blouse has a thin green band, effectively emphasizing the waist. In combination with the dark blue jeans or smoked, such a model will create a unique image. Very original is blouse from Prada: white cloth has aquamarine print as monkeys, avant-garde completes free cutting.

Perhaps one of the best combinations of a jacket, jeans. Diesel brand offered a creative model leather jacket light orange color, which in tandem with dark jeans will create a fresh and updated look.

Brighter version proposed Balenciaga. Quilted jacket radical red color characterized by the presence of buttons, elastic bands - belt. Overall, the model is notable for bold design and characteristic of luxury brands.

In addition to these options jeans perfectly complemented by a cloak, sheepskin coats, trench coats and other items of outerwear. There are also unusual combination: a short skirt can also be combined with jeans, but it is best if they are from the same kit.

The most important thing - that's right to choose a combination of color and style. Shades should not conflict with each other and the elements themselves should choose similar styles.

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