How to remove paint from jeans

How to remove paint from jeans
 Frustrating when on your favorite jeans specks of paint. But do not worry and hurry to throw the thing. With the help of improvised means you will be able to bring jeans in the proper form.
 If you put a spot of latex paint, wash the jeans in the machine-machine or by hand. You can soak the clothes in warm water and stain remover. The main thing that he was without bleaching effect. Otherwise gins fade and lose their appeal. Latex paint perfectly soluble in water, so after this treatment, the stains will be over.

Fresh stains from paint, wipe with a cotton pad moistened with turpentine or unleaded petrol. Then treat the trace of ammonia stains. Wash jeans in warm water with a powder for stubborn stains. When working with these tools is necessary to observe safety precautions. Are away from sources of ignition to prevent fire. If possible, it is better to fresh air.

For the estimation of long-standing spots suitable mineral spirits. Usually it is used for diluting paints. Moisten a cotton swab in white spirit and rub dirt. After this procedure wash jeans several times to remove the unpleasant smell of solvent. Hang to dry the product to fresh air. White spirit can damage the material. Therefore, before starting a purification procedure, try to drop a little solvent on an inconspicuous area, such as the seam.

Nail polish remover can remove stains from paint, but you have to spend more time at the same time and effort. Put a little money on a cloth and rub contaminated sites. Then wash jeans in the usual way.

In a separate container, pour some warm water and add dishwashing detergent. Foam sponge foam whisk. Treat the stain and let it sit for a while. Then rinse with clean water. Repeat if necessary. Dishwashing liquid contains substances that actively dissolve fat and protective of the tissue.

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