From what to wear skinny jeans

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 Skins - model for slender and graceful girls, as they skin-tight legs, thighs and buttocks and highlight all the shortcomings of the figure. However, this does not make them less popular and for several seasons skinny remain a favorite among denim models.
 Skinny look great with long tops, shirts and T-shirts, and the style can be as narrow, tight to the body, and spacious enough hiding waistline and slightly emphasizes chest. Stylish form-fitting jackets and jackets with narrow sleeves standard length or with a shortened version of a three-quarters will also be effectively blend in with the tight jeans.

Skinny jeans in a way universal - they can be combined with romantic and delicate tops decorated with embroidery, ruffles or embroidered with beads, and with freely hanging from the shoulder of the shirt several sizes too big, as if taken from the man she loved. Feminine image loses its appeal, so light blouses flying tissues, and not very transparent, thin straps or with sleeves-lanterns, will be an excellent addition to the tabernacle, and high heels.

During the cooler months is better to combine with skinny leather jackets leather jackets, sports park, insulation hoodies. Although with the current poncho most incredible colors these jeans too will look harmonious and stylish. Try to tie a cape at the waist and wide belt free - you will look fashionable and relevant.

Shoes should be feminine and elegant - perfect stilettos, boots, low boots with high heels and thin. Sandals should be open and original - more braided details perehlestnutyh straps, open heel and toe. Skinny look good in an ensemble with a long scarf - it does not matter what material (transparent summer all relevant accessories and air, and in the fall you can wrap the neck knitted scarf incredible lengths). Need to emphasize the waist - if the model is inflated, the belt can be wide, with a beautiful large buckle. For skinny jeans with a low-slung fit thin straps elegant, but you can do without them.

Success kits with a long cardigan - in this way you will look at home nice and cozy. The texture of the product should be soft, the best fit model handmade knitted from thick thread - you can afford the wildest color combinations.

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