Choose: pants in oriental style

Choose: pants in oriental style
 Oriental pants usually very broad, with an unusually low opening, often descending below the knee, as well as the cuffs on his pants. In the East, they are made of light fabric air, which does not heat up too much under the scorching sunshine, almost no contact with the skin and serves as a kind of a fan feet.
 Oriental pants are very popular all over the world. Designers say that such clothing is not only perfect for a hot summer, but also makes the image more daring and original. Pants in oriental style can be used for exploring the city, as well as yoga and some sports, but it should be remembered that such items of clothing are very difficult to reconcile with business clothes and is not suitable for those who work in the organization with a strict dress code .

If you choose fashionable eastern pants for a hot summer, especially pay attention to the fabric from which they are made. It should be light and very light, not heavy, or on a hot day, you will be very uncomfortable to walk in those pants. If you are not afraid of the heat either choose fashionable demi-season clothes, you can buy dark pants Afghanis, made of thick heavy fabric.

Girls medium and low growth should be remembered that the eastern trousers visually shorten the leg, though sometimes very strongly. In order not to look ridiculous, buy shoes with high heels and give preference to light flowing pants with a relatively high location line groin. Pay attention to detail: as a rule, oriental pants have a very wide elastic belt, from which diverges down many small folds. Short woman he will do even less visually, so why ladies should give preference to models with narrow or virtually invisible belt.

Before you buy pants, try them and take a close look at yourself in the mirror. Your selected model should be very comfortable, not constrain movement, but at the same time not too voluminous and certainly not create the impression that hidden under clothes diapers. Take a look at celebrities or professional models, which in oriental style pants look great, and be guided by their image in the selection of fashionable clothes.

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