Choose lingerie for evening dresses

Choose lingerie for evening dresses
 Models of evening dresses are very diverse. Some do not involve buying special underwear, while others will require careful selection of bra, panties, and other products. Attire is better to take with you to the store to make sure that the kit sits perfectly and surprises will not.
 Often evening dresses are made of air-translucent fabrics and have poluoblegayuschy cut. For this is the need to wear dresses Linen, as a combination. Under the silk outfit choose underwear made of very thin tissue-like mesh. The combination of solid colors suitable for any dress, black product can be worn only under the same black suit.

For highly fitting dress, choose a combination of more dense material with a slight stretch effect. The upper part of the laundry must comply neckline evening dress.

Under maxi dresses strapless models also need to choose a combination. In this case, the upper part of the laundry products must be made from a dense, well keep in shape, fabric. She will play the role of a bra. Petticoat combination will be a bit shorter than the hem of the dress.

Pay attention to the body, this lingerie perfectly simulates the shape and helps keep your back straight. If your dress is made of thin fabric, stitching clothes should be flat and inconspicuous. Find the whole model and take the product, which is not too hard and you will not be large. Only in this case the laundry will be completely invisible.

Do not buy a smaller size bra in the hope that the breast is best "stand out." You will feel discomfort, yes, and not just bust will become more prominent, but also unwanted folds that are not visible in the right size lingerie.

Bra with push-up effect will raise the chest and form a beautiful neckline. If the neckline evening dress is very deep, buy silicone pads that stick to the skin. These products make breasts bigger and seductive.

By evening dress does not have to choose clothes, richly decorated with lace, embroidery and bows. All of these elements will be allocated under clothing that looks ugly.

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