All about style pin-up

All about style pin-up
 There is no better way to create a vivid image of optimistic than the style of pin-up. He - very cheerful. The girl in that style will be visible everywhere. Only one of its kind cheer up others.  

This style we are often called "retro". Indeed, pin-up - an American style of 30-50 years. The 20th century. However, it is a characteristic feature of femininity and sensuality of the image. Retro style can be strict and restrained, pin-up is certainly bright and playful.

Not for nothing that he comes from the name of posters or magazine covers depicting women in skimpy clothes. Marilyn Monroe, for example, personifies the style of pin-up.

Dresses in the style of pin-up emphasize the feminine form of the body: it's short shorts, dresses with bare shoulders, corsets, skirts fluttering kleshenye and skinny. Legs necessarily open. In addition, the figure has a value - it should be somewhat naive: cell, peas, cherries, apples, flowers, stripes and other simple, but draws attention patterns.

Bows in this style of clothing are essential. They can be used to decorate the hair, on belts, shoes, at the neckline. Sometimes the style of pin-up, you can create out of the ordinary dress or blouse, just adding to them a bow.

Hair and makeup should also match. Hair usually curl, decorated with flower or ribbon, hoop for hair. Particularly impressive look bandages with bows.

In the make-up main motive is bright red lipstick, but given that it will not all, you can replace it with shades of pink, burgundy. In the eyes draw arrows, eyelashes, too, should be allocated (using even overhead). Draw an artificial mole, giddy as a special item.

Shoes do not have to be high-heeled shoes - along with high heels, fit perfectly into this way of shoes on a sustainable slant heels. The sock may be rounded or cut. Tissue platform shoes or ballet shoes - too great to combine with the clothing style pin-up.

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