With a good coat - do not give the oak!

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 To start with a style fur coats and fur. Consider this question is not only aesthetically, but also from a practical point of view: what will you wear it, where you will walk in it, what the climate in your area, etc. When you decide to go shopping and you will have a difficult test - to find a quality thing, and not to allow themselves to be deceived.

Counterfeiting issues lack proper labeling. On a qualitative good product manufacturer must be stripes and labels on the lining, all of which must be met in the same style. In addition to the markings on the coat sewn necessarily be branded tag with information about the manufacturer and the methods of care.

Unfortunately, any markings can be easily spoofed, so you must make sure the quality of fur. To get started, first stroke the fur on fur, then against. Good skin should be soft and flexible, easy to hold its original shape and does not break the floor with his hand. By the way, in the palm in any case should not remain oily traces - sometimes bad fur trying to give presentation using different drugs. Look carefully at the product - fur everywhere should be the same thickness and length. In any case, should take a few villi pinch and pull - they should not easily fall out.

If you want to buy dyed fur coat, make sure you rub the fur wet handkerchief - it should not remain traces. You can check this way and naturally colored coat - suddenly fur repainted to pass it off as more expensive.

An effective way to recognize a fake made in violation of the technology - just to smell. Poor tanned pelt immediately will give a pungent unpleasant odor.

Be sure to check the seams. They should not be glued and stapled. If you can not find any trace of the thread, it is better to stay away from such things - it is a fake, glued in haste, and will spread through the month.

If you can look under the lining (in long products is not usually sewn from the bottom), then check the fur leather base - scrapings. It should be soft, supple and smooth. If it is dry, tough and rustling at hand - mean a thing poor quality and will not live long. If the lining is sewn on all sides, then cover the basics through the fur, blowing him.

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