What to wear to the office

What to wear to the office
 Although the girl prefers to dress in everyday life, office style dictates its own rules. And on their compliance depends very much - respect superiors and colleagues, the number of contracts with customers, supply of lucrative offers, promotions. Therefore, the choice of clothes in which you will be eight hours a day, five days a week to be in the office, need to be taken responsibly.  

Gone are the days when a woman in the office had to go in a white blouse and black skirt. For modern business woman choice of colors and styles are much wider, but this abundance can be confusing.

Going to work, just set aside the clothes of transparent, translucent and shiny fabrics. In his free time is worth and blouses worn with bare shoulders and plunging neckline. Should not be worn to the office fitting dress or a skirt above the knee.

In the wardrobe of the modern business women should be pants, skirt length to the middle of the kneecap, blouses, vests and jackets. In addition to the standard black, blue and gray colors, your outfit can be dark green, purple, beige, brown, burgundy, red, pastel tones. In general, you can choose any color, except to shout "acid" colors, which will be evident and distract your colleagues from work.

Office clothes should be comfortable, not to distract you from your work. Therefore, choosing the store blouse, jacket or pants, new clothes fasten all the buttons, walk in it, sit down, wave your hands. If you do not interfere, and the clothes do not restrict movement, a thing can be taken.

We should also mention the selection of winter and summer clothes. It's hard to walk in winter and summer in the same jacket and trousers. In summer, choose things easy, but in any case not translucent fabrics. Some companies allow their employees to wear shorts in the summer of knee-length. You can wear a blouse with short sleeves. In winter, the office will be acceptable to wear a turtleneck under a jacket instead of a shirt, cardigan warm, thin woolen dress.

If you are not a supporter of business style clothes, think of this as just one obligation that you have to perform at work, and in any case as to the infringement of your personality. How is your work different from a hobby and your "form" is different from the clothes that you prefer.

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