Wedding dress comes from the 70s

Wedding dress comes from the 70s
 The seventies of the twentieth century gave the world the hippie movement, denim fashion, interest in beading and interesting styles of wedding dresses, which since then has not lost its popularity. Short dress and style "mermaid" - one of the most common models for the wedding in our time.
 Although short dress as a wedding dress for the first time created the famous Coco Chanel in the thirties of the last century, it was in the early seventies, this length is gaining popularity. Strict lines, a minimum of decoration and knee-length or slightly below - that's the familiar face of the era dresses. And today this fashion has gained a second wind.

Conciseness short dress attracts girls the opportunity to demonstrate their shape, show off, not wealth attire. Permissible sleeveless dresses with short rukavami- "flashlight". It is best suited for such dresses luxurious fabrics such as brocade, tight silk moire satin. These materials are themselves an ornament without requiring overwrought. Although beautiful lace or silver braid give more aristocratic. If you have selected a color outfit, then subsequently be able to wear it as an evening. Short dresses will suit both high and petite brides, most importantly, that they have beautiful legs.

Attire for the Bride "mermaid" - another greetings from the seventies. It is characterized by fitting the upper part of the dress and flowing full skirt of the knee. Many celebrities have preferred this style for their wedding. It looks truly royal and really solemn. To this dress looked good, not necessarily be high, but have proportioned need. Very thin or, conversely, curvy women should choose a different model.

For such dresses are ideal fabric with contrasting textures. For example, the bodice is made of velvet, and the "tail" - from the light translucent material, such as muslin, organza, crepe georgette. Also a good combination will guipure lace or smooth satin top and bottom. Sometimes the "tail" of the dress goes into loop that gives even more majesty female figure. This style requires long sleeves, which are often made of lightweight materials.

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