Vintage mood

Vintage mood
 There are people for whom vintage - is not just a fashionable style and state of mind. He suggests the use of things that were fashionable and recognized over 20 years ago, though it is very important to garments, shoes and so on. Belong to the same time.
 Vintage things - things with history. If you bought clothes, and did not get it from my grandmother's trunk, you can only guess what happened to that young beauty who wore it many years ago. But you get a chance for a while to mentally travel back in time, to throw the weight of accumulated problems aside and forgotten. It is this desire, according to some experts, was the reason for the popularity of vintage style.

Explicit or even unconscious rejection of contemporary reality and desire a little rest from her vintage made salvation for some people the opportunity to escape, where time has stood still for a long time. Vintage mood - is a condition where you want to go for a short time in the past, even at a time when you were not born yet.

Vintage image should be perfect from the first to the last detail. Clothing, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, manicure, perfumes - all this should create a complete image, which would apply to a specific length of time, and was recognizable. If you do not do this, your image will be incomplete or, even worse, devoid of harmony.

By the way, it is important that all the things you have to face, shoes and clothes the right size. In vintage clothing you should feel perfectly natural. Among some fans of the vintage is widely believed that these old and not stylized things have not only their history, but also the soul. Indeed, experts note that sometimes it seems as if the thing does not wish to accept the new owner, and sometimes suits him so much if she were sewn many years ago specifically for that person.

Vintage mood sometimes happens with bohemians. For example, it is interesting to travel back a few decades ago and imagine what else alive the great poets, writers and artists of the past, to discuss these or other works of art as if they were created recently. Clothes of the era, especially suitable makeup and perfume, causing certain associations, will in such cases can be very useful.

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