Rational wardrobe of the modern woman

Rational wardrobe of the modern woman
 To be attractive and elegant, it is not necessary to have an extensive wardrobe. The main thing that all your belongings are combined with each other and with their help, you can create a new harmonious combination.
 Completeness and interchangeability - these are the main requirements for sustainable wardrobe. Also, your clothes should fit your habits, lifestyle, be comfortable for you and create a feeling of comfort. Blindly follow fashion is not necessary, but take into account in their wardrobe fashion trends, taking into account the peculiarities of their own figures, it should be mandatory.

Business woman has to take good care of its image and the impression she makes on others. Best of all you will approach the classic style. In your wardrobe must be a business suit - the skirt or pants. Another jacket and plaid skirt will help in the case of compatibility with the first, monotonous suit a variety of options of clothing. Add to your wardrobe suitable trousers, two or three blouses, thin knit sweater. Combined with the matching accessories, with a minimal set of things you'll look every day anew. But do not forget that all things should be in harmony with each other and in color, and style.

Perfectly complement your wardrobe long narrow skirt, preferably black. With a skirt, classic style, you can wear and jackets and blouses, and sweaters. Length skirts selected on the basis of the features of your figure.

In compiling the summer wardrobe, use the same principles: two suits with interchangeable things, a few summer blouses or tops, light pants. You can purchase and elegant summer dress.

Pay special attention to accessories. They help diversify any outfit and add personality to your style. Using accessories is easy to reach and change the "functionality" of your clothes. For example, a string of pearls or bright handkerchiefs strict turn gray or black dress in an appropriate outfit for going to a restaurant or theater. Necessarily in the wardrobe of a business woman and classical strict dress. With it you can also wear jackets, scarf, vest pick.

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