Our favorite dresses

Our favorite dresses
 Few people know that the prototype served as a dress coat, sheltering figure, but not encircle it. Gradually, using increasingly sophisticated fabrics, ancient masters brought a style of clothing that is suitable for both men and women. However, over time the dress yet become a favorite subject exclusively female toilets.

Despite the fact that in any woman's wardrobe can be arbitrarily dresses, fashion historians long ago divided them all into several groups.


Casual dress, or dress in the style of casual (casual design) loved by many of the fair sex for practicality and at the same time an excellent appearance. As a rule, in this office - business version, with a length below or just above the knee, with a cut, emphasizing the silhouette and the shallow cut. This sleeve dress can be both long and short, and three-quarters. Summer business dress replaced by cotton safari-style, with a jacket cut and belt, but sewn from lighter materials, such as cotton or linen.


Classic and everyone's favorite example of a cocktail dress - little black dress-case, styled the legendary Coco Chanel. This dress is glorified Audrey Hepburn in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Distinguishing features - the average length, strict silhouette. However, this embodiment of the business dress features, firstly, a more noble material, and secondly, a cutout, which may be quite profound. Cocktail dresses are sewn bezrukavymi and worn with flashy accessories - necklaces, bracelets and brooches.


Plenty of room for fantasy fashion - evening dresses. Long gone are the days when they were only floor-length and with great cleavage. Today's dress on the output can be straps or long-sleeved, open-back or low-cut pumps, above the knee length ... As a rule, they are silk, satin or velvet, decorated with embroidery, lace, sequins and sparkles. Silhouettes of evening dresses are usually close-fitting, but women with large or, conversely, too thin figures can afford and evening dress-case (straight silhouette), and even dress-sac.


Without a doubt, the most important and on favorite dress in the wardrobe of most women - wedding. No wonder that his choice is devoted so much time and cost can exceed the average price of all the other dresses. And all these works - for the dress for one day! But a wedding dress worth the effort, and it means, because the woman in it - the Queen. It does not matter, it's the classic version with fluffy skirts and cleavage, or trendy mini, wear boots with lace. The main thing - that it fits the mood and style of the bride.

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