New Year's Soviet-style

New Year's Soviet-style
 If every year the New Year holidays are one and the same scenario, sooner or later there comes a time when something you want to change. You can transfer the celebration to a restaurant, you can go to another country to celebrate, and you can celebrate New Year's Soviet-style - as celebrated it once older family members.
 Wonderful holiday - New Year. Thousands pleasant hassle accompany his arrival. Placed under the Christmas tree gifts, squeaky rubbed crystal and china, cool in the refrigerator a bottle of champagne and a room waiting for the start of a great New Year's Eve dress. And the smell from the kitchen! What could be more wonderful tradition to celebrate the New Year at home, with family, close friends?

However, the people - it is a creature that can not tolerate the monotony. And he can bore each year to follow the same tradition. Of course, for a change, you can go to a restaurant to celebrate or even to go to meet Santa Claus somewhere in Finland. But there is a way to budget - a meeting of Soviet-style holiday. Original, inexpensive, and senior members of the family will be delighted.

The first step, of course, you need to dress up the Christmas tree and decorate the room, which will host the celebration. Very appropriate in this case, the Soviet-era posters urging not to talk, drink vodka and physical activity. Today found in the sale of reproductions of the posters is very easy.

Now the tree. Colorful garlands with incandescent lamps, ruby-red star on the top and, of course, toys. Surely you have friends or preserved cherished box where wrapped soft paper, waiting for their Christmas decorations Soviet times - glass slices of watermelon, astronauts, little animals, mushrooms, pine cones, snow-covered houses.

Then you need to do the menu. What are the most typical dishes were placed on the table in the New Year's Eve? Most will not be able to remember anything but salad. However, along with Olivier basin, a table decorated with chicken Kiev, sandwiches with red caviar, sprats deficient sausage, jelly and, of course, herring under a fur coat. As for drinks, the guests are usually offered champagne (surely the "Soviet" and certainly sweet) and vodka.

Of course, the celebration of the New Year's Eve will have to stock up on items with the Soviet hits 70-80s years, including black and white mode at the TV and ... And you can meet the guests. Surely this holiday and remember them and you a very long time.

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