Lace: Create a romantic style

Lace: Create a romantic style
 Openwork things have always been popular. After all, they represent tenderness and femininity are associated with luxury and wealth. It is not surprising that, despite its rather long history of lace is still in vogue.
 Lace is elegant in itself and it's great combined with other fabrics, sometimes in the most unexpected combinations. But precisely because of this creates a stylish and elegant image. Lace - an inexhaustible source for the imagination. With their help, you can easily express their own individuality.

A long time ago no surprise beautiful lace lingerie. But, nevertheless, it's the kind of thing that should be in every woman's wardrobe. It lingerie can give her confidence and femininity. A man is never indifferent to weave magic on the body of his beloved.

Traditional areas of use are lace evening or cocktail dresses. They help to create a romantic or seductive image. Lace material is so good, it does not require any additional decorations. In this dress you will be the queen of the evening.

But lace suitable not only for special occasions. Modern designers recommend wearing open-work clothes and everyday life. You can safely come in lace office. To do this, one has only to choose between dress modestly decorated with lace blouse of thick lace or lace skirt on an opaque lining. Any of these options will set you and others on the romantic mood. If you supplement lace outfit unusual ornaments, you will look stylish and modern, and will certainly notice the admiring glances.

And still worth experimenting with lace collar, so familiar and ordinary, but no less beautiful and elegant. Delicate lace is combined with silk, and wool. In combination with unexpected accessories, such as a brooch, you get bright unique image. But remember that when you create a romantic image must have a sense of proportion, otherwise you can become a Barbie.

Lace for more than 200 years. Delicate openwork - it's exactly what emphasizes femininity and inaccessibility, tenderness and sensuality, romance and passion, simplicity and mystery. Lace long appreciated and will always find a place in the wardrobe of the modern woman.

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