How to sew a capri

How to sew a capri
 Once in the 60s on the podium for the first time, capri pants, which got its name in honor of the eponymous island, immediately became popular. They are comfortable, versatile and look great at the fair sex of all ages.
 Capri is suitable for sewing dark or light denim, linen or cotton. It all depends on your preferences, time of the year for which you sew capris and overall ensemble, in which they will fit. Of the selected fabric cutting two front halves, two side of the front halves, one-piece with burlap pockets and two rear halves. Of the lining fabric burlap perform two pockets.

In the first place we have side pockets with a cutting sideways. Burlap each fold the front half and run along the line the entrance to the pocket. Then back it up and topstitch along the entrance to the seam allowance. Place the front half of its lateral part and pin. Sew burlap sections from the wrong side and baste itself burlap under the front half.

Follow the steps to the middle and side seams. Middle seam allowances razutyuzhte from the upper edge before the step of rounding. Mark on the belt line of the middle front. At a distance of 3, 5 cm from this line and 3cm from the seam line on the outer half pritachivaniya belt Neaten one vertical slots for kuliske similar loop. Do not forget to duplicate the space under the slits scraps lining.

Follow the belt back middle seam. Cut the cord around 130cm and attach this piece is folded in half in the zone. Thread the ends of the cord into the slot and print on the front side. Take with open cuts and belt, stretching, sew to the upper edge of Capri. Allowances seam, neaten, zautyuzhte down. Attach the ends of the cord by delimiter and decorative tip.

At the edges of leg hem, like loops, grooves for Neaten kulisok. Zautyuzhte allowances bottom on the wrong side. Divide the rest of the cord into two segments, which are then invest in kuliske. The ends of the output into the slot and put them stops with two holes.

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