How to dress to the university

How to dress to the university
 Being in a higher education institution commits to comply with certain standards of behavior. The same applies to the style of clothing, which will undoubtedly be very modest.
 Education at the University - a direct way to increase their level of development, the knowledge and thrust into adulthood. This is the place where you can meet the world famous professors and encounter with the founder of the faculty. Here lays the foundation for the future behavior of young people jobs, so dress should be appropriate setting.

First of all, forget about mini-skirts, short tops and other things, opening the body for all to see. Such clothing is appropriate for a picnic at the lake with friends, but not at the university. Remember that this is not the place for seduction liked boys, and to gain knowledge.

Too bright clothes also applies to the taboo. Acid pants, bright pink blouse - all this leave the disco. The most appropriate colors - classic office: gray, black, white. This does not mean that you have to wear five years monotonous clothes. You can wear the classic sweater soothing colors (blue, green, etc.), jeans just are not forbidden (note that hole and rhinestones on them are not necessary).

As for the shoes, you should give up the pins. Anyway, remember that this shoe is for the evening off, rather than daily. Comfortable shoes with heels medium length boots, boots pale colors - they all will be perceived as befitting environment. Tip girls: change the iron heels on polyurethane - not loud knocking shall notify all of your approach.

Young people need to forget about the shorts. Beach clothing unacceptable option for higher education, despite the weather outside. Also it is better to change the bright shirts on a shirt, or at least choose a quiet coloring for them.

Dress according to the situation, and you will never reproach casual attitude toward learning.

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