How to create an image of Turgenev girl

How to create an image of Turgenev girl
 Turgenev girl - this is one of the most romantic images. Bypassing the century, he still remains popular, recognizable and loved by many women and men. Who is this girl Turgenev, and how to create this lyrical and feminine image?

Turgenev girl - this is an image that can easily implement any woman. The main feature of the image is the lightness and weightlessness.

In many novels of Turgenev describes its main characters as prudes lovely, rosy cheeks which plays in any non-standard situation. Today blush easily achieved with the available cosmetics.

But it is always worth remembering that the makeup girl Turgenev discreet. No bright colors and causing in this manner should not be. Only natural, inherent in Turgenev's view, and the desire to be myself - these are the main quality of the image produced.

As for the hair, then there lightness and airiness is welcome. Hair should not be colored, curled with the help of chemistry or ornately stacked. Naturalness and again natural. Today, popular hairstyles as casually braided plaits or pick up a bunch of hair loosely. This can be an excellent complement image Turgenev girl.

Now it is necessary to choose the right clothes. Only skirts and dresses can create an image of "Turgenev's girl." No pants, shorts, and, God forbid, leggings. Lightweight materials must flow through the body and pass all the tenderness and romantic image. It is better to choose dresses in pastel colors or translucent blouses.

Always keep in mind that "Turgenev girl" is the epitome of generosity and innocence, so no vulgarity and too open orders should not be.

And in the end it is worth noting that "Turgenev girl" - is ideal girls of the past century. No need to juggle and to shift the image of the modern pace of life. Only natural, natural clothing, makeup, hair and behavior will help to create lightness and corresponds to the distant image that glorified men of the XIX century, which attracts men century XXI ...

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