How to choose the right clothes

How to choose the right clothes
 To look very good and attractive enough to look after itself constantly and lead a healthy lifestyle. We should also be able to choose the right clothes. To achieve this, you need to focus on the type of the figure.
 Body type "Hourglass"

The women of this body type lucky. These lucky can wear anything that your heart desires. The width of the shoulders and hips the same things all shapes and cut them to fit equally well, and sit perfectly. To silhouette closer to the ideal to avoid multilayer and shapeless things that hide lovely female form.

"Hourglass" are very simple cut blouse, with the smell and patch pockets, skirts, straight and tailored on the bias / wedges of all models of trousers, dresses with the smell / oblique cut / belt. Fabrics are preferred mild and texture, namely, flax, silk, and cotton knitwear. Drawing, you can select any which enjoy.

Body type "Triangle"

If your upper body looks smaller bottom portion, and the shoulders are narrower than the hip, your figure refers to a type of "triangle". In order to look good, you have to focus on his chest, and, conversely, to divert him from the hips. Do not wear tight-fitting blouses and tops with thin straps on the neck, skirts and pants with pockets, especially with patch. Make a shawl or scarf constant element of your wardrobe.

Very good for you double-breasted short jackets, blouses layered motley colors, long skirts, stitched on the figure by figure-colored bell-bottoms, dresses with high waist / bias cut.

For the lower body, choose fabrics light and medium texture, namely, silk, jersey and knitwear. Drawings can wear any except the vertical strip. To the top of the suit fabric medium density and heavy: wool, zhatye and bulking materials. In this case, the colors are allowed only monochromatic.

Body type "Inverted Triangle"

This option is the exact opposite of the previous structure: the shoulders wider hips, and in this case you need to draw attention to the hips and buttocks, but the shoulders should try to visually reduce. Therefore contraindicated blouses and dresses, decorated with ruffles at the top and lush ruffles, oblique cut and folds at the waist.

Good women are sitting on this type of form-fitting jackets with wide lapels and cuffs angle blouse simple cut, without all kinds of jewelry and assemblies, flaring or pleated skirts to the knee pants with a high waist, straight cut dresses and dress-shirt. Fabrics fit tight and dense: linen and cotton, satin and wool. Suitable geometric figures are located above and below the waist.

Body type "Rectangle"

For this type is characterized by poorly contoured waist plus the same width of the hips and shoulders. In this case the problem is to focus on the chest and hips, as well as more clearly define the waistline. Therefore, refrain from tight things frills and ruffles, tucks and belts.

You fit: straight jackets, colorful blouses, skirts straight / pleated / wraparound / wedges of pants without a belt, a dress-shirt. Very good texture and delicate fabrics: linen and cotton, satin and silk. Geometric figures allowed, peas and fantasy.

Body type "Circle"

In women, this type has a tummy. The task - to add height, visually draw the shape. This will help accents above the chest and below the hips. Use accessories and clothing, loosely falling from his shoulders.

Women donuts are very direct and emphasize femininity with a V-neck cardigans, blouses simple cut with a V-shaped neckline, skirt, flared / straight / no belt, dress trapezoidal shape.

Use a soft cloth, which can be easily and beautifully draped cotton, silk, satin and jersey. Drawings are permitted, but not expressly.

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