How to choose clothes the type of figure

How to choose clothes the type of figure
 With items of clothing can hide cons and pros emphasize non-ideal shape, it should be just right to determine its type. To do this, measure the volume of the body and to consider the relationship between these variables.
 If you feel that your figure is far from ideal, try to choose clothes for her type, and you will see how it can transform your appearance.

There are 5 basic types of female figures: A, V, N, O, and H. These letters are chosen by chance, because the corresponding silhouettes resemble the shape of their writing.

Type "A" in common parlance is called "pear". If this is your type, choose things visually increase top and reduce the hip. Wear blouses or shirts with pockets on the chest, darts, ruffles, lace, short jackets with a narrower waist and big buttons. Pick up the bottom of the dark tones: pants with a low waistline and extending to the bottom, the skirt in the form of a trapezoid, or the sun. Walk in heels, it is visually pulls silhouette.

Type «V» or "inverted triangle" is diametrically opposed to the type A, it is characterized by a wide top and narrow hips. Women of this type often have large breasts, which certainly is a plus. Here the problem is the opposite - reduce the top and bottom to expand. For this purpose, suitable American Tank Tops (ties around the neck), tops-gang-sleeved blouse with butterflies monochromatic colors without additional weighting parts. Jackets better to choose direct, short-cut silhouette. Will suit almost any style of trousers, especially jeans, skirts importantly - the volume.

Type "H" or "rectangle". You have relatively the same bust, waist and hips. The main goal - to visually enlarge the breasts and hips, narrow waist. Focus on blouses and tops with low-cut odor effect, jackets with side darts, dresses with high waistline. Wear pants, tapering downward, wide skirts. Do not be afraid of drawing in the form of cells, diamonds.

Type "O" or "apple" inherent "donuts" with a wide top-line, bust and waist about the same. The main emphasis should be done on the legs, face and chest, which can emphasize fitting cut. In this case, the clothes should be loose around the waist. As an option - flowing tunic top or bodice-the same dress. Blouses and tops must cover the belly, wearing a high collar "polo". Jackets and coats must be either long or vice versa, cropped above the waist line. Do not fasten them.

As for the bottom, then give preference to skirts, trapeze skirts and pants, it is visually reduce waist. Exclude mini, this also applies to skirts and dresses and shorts. If you have shapely legs, emphasize their trousers capris. If not, choose pants with wide leg. Avoid sharp contrast colors. Better to top and bottom were kept in the same colors, stripes - only vertical or small patterns. Pick corrective underwear, such as belts, corsets, Waist shorts with high waist or pants.

Finally, type "X" or "hourglass". Its owner have relatively the same bust and hips and a narrow waist. You can wear almost anything. Most advantageous to look pencil skirts, including high-waisted. However, there are still options that are best avoided. Discard clothing and too broad horizontal stripes in the chest or hips.

If you find it difficult to visually assess the figure and determine its type, take a measuring tape. Measure the waist and hips and compare with each other. When the difference between these parameters by more than 25 cm, your type X, if you are the owner of broad shoulders, or A. If the difference is less than 25 cm, then consider options for H, O or V.

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