How to choose an elegant dress for a party

How to choose an elegant dress for a party
 Choice of dress for going to a party - an important and responsible job. Sophisticated image and well-chosen outfit can turn even ordinary-looking coy with the queen of the evening.
 Initially, it is necessary to define the style of the party. If it's a holiday theme, you will need the appropriate costume for the cocktail party will approach a beautiful dress knee-length, and for the release of the classic evening dress needs.

To choose a style of dress: it could be a classic elegant model with smooth lines or daring asymmetry, captivating cuts or severe forms. Liked dress a must-try, it should emphasize the silhouette curves and sit "like a glove", otherwise you will all holiday feel uncomfortable.

Consider the features of the figure, all its pros and cons. If you have a physique like "pear" (small shoulders, big hips), you should choose a dress with a light, airy bottom and form-fitting top. A good option - along with a multi-layer skirt. Figure square type (shoulders and pelvis on the same level) looks great in a dress with V-neckline and straps. But the ladies with the figure of the type "guitar" is best to choose a short dress or outfit medium length that depict all their dignity. This figure is considered ideal, so you need to use all of its features.

Note the fabric from which sewed clothes. Even the most modest model of elegant material will look elegant and refined, and cheap fabric can ruin the most stylish designer dress. You should not overdo it with accessories, everything should be in moderation and in accordance with a single image.

Important point - the dress must be not only beautiful and fit the event, but also comfortable. Think about all the details: makeup, jewelry, lingerie, shoes and handbag. In this case, you will feel more relaxed and confident, and you will have a good chance to show off in public and enjoy the party.

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