From what to wear fur vests

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 One notable trend this season - fur vest. This is not surprising, although winter is past, the desire of women to flaunt luxurious furs in no way diminished. Now in vogue any fur vests, not to mention a variety of colors: three-dimensional with fluffy fur or fitting with a smooth, barely covering the blade or mid-thigh. Despite the fact that the most important are the red and black fur, also welcome any color.

From what to wear fur vests? Literally everything! Because fur vests combined with clothes and shoes of all types and styles that are in vogue in the spring of 2011.

Perfectly combined fur vest and romantic chiffon flower in bright and light with knitted dresses and tights rustic, noble silk and aggressive skin. But advised to consider some nuances. Fur vest - very active accessory. Therefore, the fur trim on the bag, boots and gloves, it is better to exclude.

Bulk of fluffy fur vests are ideally combined with a narrow "bottom". It can be as narrow skirts of any length and form-fitting pants and leggings. High boots and boots will be very relevant here.

There is a fur vest and evening and cocktail sets. With the satin and chiffon dress, elegant look unusually short and medium-length jackets from smooth and shiny fur. And to krupnovyazanym dresses, tights, stockings, which are also at the height of fashion, suit vest bright red color, complete with a leather strap.

The ideal partner for the vest at all times is turtleneck, especially now, when the winter is past, and until now the heat is still far. Wearing fur vests better with a turtleneck, a material which will emphasize the nobility of fur - cashmere and fine wool, it is desirable physical and natural tones. Beautiful accessories here are various chains and bracelets made of any metal.

Well, the undisputed hit of spring 2011 is a combination of fur vest red or black leather jacket. It is appropriate as a supplement leather lacing, leather-covered buttons and big leather belts. Do not be amiss to dilute the aggressive style soft leather drapeable wide scarf.

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