Dress for the New Year: the best top styles

Dress for the New Year: the best top styles
 In the most important night of the year a woman simply has to look breathtakingly - elegant evening dress, emphasizing the dignity of the figure, bright makeup and festive hairstyle. Requirements for a New Year's dress: relevance, practicality, fashion styles.
 Active and energetic girls will like the popular mid-thigh length - in this dress can safely shake a leg, nothing will hamper the movements. Fashion trend of the season - open shoulders and back. Strapless dresses are effectively emphasize the seductive round breasts, and with fluffy skirts this ensemble will be very important. A lot of frills and flounces, layered skirt and a focus on the ideal waist - these are models of popular short styles.

Practical length dress, of course, comfortable and original, but a true favorite of the season - long dresses to the floor. In combination with a fashionable texture of fabric (shiny, flowing and heavy materials), cut silhouette and flared bottom styles are not only classically successful, but most hit this season.

"Mermaid" styles are very interesting and exciting - the colors and texture of fabrics, fitting shape on top of the style effectively expands downwards. Multilayered skirts look particularly attractive - a patch of fabric flying underlines the gravity and solidity of the base material. Plain dress straight cut skirt with an expanding, made from luxurious fabrics (velvet, silk and satin) look laconic, but that does not seem to be less solemn.

Returned to fashion one shoulder open - this detail can be found on ultrashort dresses and evening on the extended models. Elegant neckline can afford brave ladies with perfect figure - a cut down deep, almost reaching the waistline.

Lovers of classic and retro style will not have long puzzled over the choice of style - narrowed waist, full skirt-effectively-bell combined with exquisite lace trim. Such models are striking simplicity of cut and unusual texture, decorative solutions. Be sure to tie up a wide belt - it can be a tight piece of cloth or a soft scarf that you wrap the few times around. Dress on large straps, straight and strict, must win wealth fabrics and elegant finish (large bow brooch large, transparent or mesh cape, etc.). Choose a model according to your mood and you will feel safe and free.

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