Come up with an outfit for the holiday

Come up with an outfit for the holiday
 Holiday - it is always a positive occasion, good humor and smile. Yet it is an occasion to show off their beauty and originality, expressed in your attire. Your suit, like hair and makeup should match the idea and theme of the holiday.
 Determine which suit suitable for the holiday.

If this ceremony, apparel must be strict or evening. Considered strict business suit or modest dress-case. Monochrome color are welcome. Jewellery modest, there should be a minimum. Unacceptable elegant lush hair. Hairstyle should also be strict, like make-up and manicure. Select a day and discreet makeup manicure. Men should be careful in choosing a tie. It is not necessary to dwell on too variegated form.

Evening dress code is more free. Men can choose dressy shirts or ties. Women are advised to bare shoulders and back. Welcome dresses on the floor of the thin tissue evening. Colors can be any other than poisonous, too bright, neon, screaming. Hairstyle, jewelry, manicure - everything should be festive and match dress. Complete costume elegant shoes.

For theme parties can come up with an interesting costume with elements corresponding to the idea of ​​a holiday.

Usually the names of parties speak for themselves. On Hawaiian party wear straw sloops, flower decorations, beads and bright dress and shorts. For men, there is even a special Hawaiian shirts characteristic colors. Feet should be loafers or beach sandals.

If it's a party in the style of the eighties, think disco costume. Curly Wigs, neon colors, leggings, leather clothes - This is what you should opt for.

For carnival costume come up with a character that you will. Couple go - take on arms paired suit. A character can be directly linked to the holiday, for example, the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus on New Year or ghosts for Halloween. Can choose a favorite character or a character with whom you associate yourself.

Remember that the suit should be approached not only about that. Attire should go to you.

When you have thought through the basic idea, go to implementing the details.

Determine which attributes you need a holiday, which will consist of your outfit. Something you already have, and some elements may need to be purchased. Check whether you can replace the missing elements to those that you have little to alter them.

Try the whole outfit in advance.

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