Closet full of women

Closet full of women
 Woman, regardless of age and slim figure, wants to feel desirable and beautiful. Therefore, choosing clothes, we must not hide under baggy hoodie and try as much as possible to show their dignity, gently concealing flaws.

At the stately women will look good clothes simple cut, without undue draperies, ruches, ruffles or fringe.

In the wardrobe must be present straight skirt covering the knees. Pants also have to be straight silhouette, preferably the arrow length "on the floor". Discard the "Capri", this length "circumcise" legs and make women squat.

Visually increase the growth and "pull" the shape shoes with heels. By the way, if the shoe color coincides with stockings, it is further lengthen the legs, giving harmony even large women.

Choose a form-fitting blouses and tunics, remember that "lyapisty" fabric pattern, especially when combined with baggy silhouette, make a figure slimmer and add extra pounds. Prefer adjacent silhouette. But do not rush to the other extreme, very fitting clothes certainly accentuate the fullness. For the same reason, avoid too thin jersey.

Please note that the dress should have a clear waistline. Try not to wear sleeveless. Do not abuse the black

If the legs are slender, graceful ankle but prevents small tummy, choose a dress with a high waistline, slightly covering the knees.

Jackets and cardigans free cut to mid-thigh will not be complete, and bright accessories, will give zest to the image and distract from the shortcomings of the figure.

If you work in an office, prefer business suit: straight skirt just below the knee and a fitted jacket (plus a small neck handkerchief). And blouses or blouses must not end at the hips, the optimum length to palm above or below the critical line.

Choose the right underwear myself: good bra should support the breasts and panties and pantyhose have Waist insert.

Be sure to watch the posture, do not slouch, do not add yourself age. In any clothes try to feel comfortable.

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