Choosing a style of clothing for full figures

Choosing a style of clothing for full figures
 Lovely lady full of often frustrated because of the magnificent volumes. And in vain - rounded seductive forms only make women more attractive. But with regard to the selection of clothing and silhouette lines need to think a little and a little effort while shopping.
 One of the misconceptions that limit the Closet "donuts" is the rejection of horizontal stripes and lines. However, if you approach it with fiction and attention you can give balance and harmony and proportionality of the total figure, and visually smooth the differences narrow and wide places.

Silhouette for full figure women with type "A"

For type "A" are women who have sloping narrow shoulders and wide hips. Critical segment annoying the ladies of this type delivered buttocks and "breeches." In this case, the main task is to balance the width of the shoulders and the width of the hips.

If you want to do it with the help of horizontal lines, place them at the top of the dress and the vertical - at the bottom.

Also, the full-figured woman type "A" suit: cutout "boat" or V-shaped, detachable yoke dress without shoulders, wide collars, shoulders falling far short string of beads, prisborennye to the armholes, such as "flashlight" smell . With regard to color composition is better to follow the rule "light top - dark bottom."

Silhouette for full figure women with type "T"

For type "T" are women who have broad shoulders, a magnificent bust, relatively narrow hips and flat buttocks. It is this visual effect - rectangular top - you want to hide.

Obese women with a figure of type "T" fit: tight on the hips and flared skirt to the knees, oval, wide necklines, massive decorations. With respect to the preferred color "dark top, light bottom", and a major figure.

General recommendations for obese women with any type of figure

Prefer vertical lines, it can be fasteners, podkroynye barrel, deep folds and cuts on the skirt, vertical stripes pattern. Refrain from jersey, with a bright vertical stripe on the body as straight vertical stripes will go to the curved lines that only emphasize fullness.

Part of the horizontal strip extends in length and adds growth. Frequent horizontal stripes, if they look out between the wide-open floor jacket dark color is also very slim.

Good to give harmony diagonal cell and all kinds of diagonal lines, they also added growth.

Do not wear a short top with a short bottom, and long long.

In multilayer sets things in different colors should not peek out from under each other, especially in the waist and hips.

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