The most unusual underwear

The most unusual underwear
 Fashion trends of concern not only clothing, shoes and accessories, and even underwear. Moreover, some of the designers who create their own collection of panties, bras, etc., try to show imagination and create the most original versions.
 The easiest way to do unusual underwear - to make it out of special materials or original decorate. Just so there panties and bras from air-bubble film, beads, precious stones, shells, optical fiber optics, cans, etc. Special chic - underwear made of candy and other sweets. Stripping favorite, a man can just eat her panties and bra.

There are options and easier - for example, conventional underwear decorated with long spikes. Some designers are so addicted that completely forget about the appointment of such things. For example, was created even gold silk bra with straps that had at least one serious drawback - too much weight.

When creating underwear sometimes used even high technology. For example, you can buy a bra fitted with special digital clock. If sconces bring an engagement ring, you can find out how much time their owner had to spend without a man, as well as listen to the wedding march. After marriage for couples jealous appropriate will have panties with built-in transmitter, through which you can learn the location of a person at the moment.

For sunbathers were created bikini with solar panels. Now the owner of the article of clothing will be able to charge phones and other electronic devices directly on the beach, just by connecting them to their own underwear.

Very unusual panties-Strings have already gained popularity. They represent a piece of cloth attached to a resilient wire bent in a special way. This is the same string, but without the side straps. Their use is particularly relevant in cases where the need to wear tight clothes, through which the usual shorts will shine through and solve the contours.

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