How to dress brightly

How to dress brightly
 Vivid images attract attention. At any time, in any weather and want to look stylish and attractive, and it's easy. Most importantly, remember that you need to be very careful when choosing a bright and extravagant pieces of clothing, there should be no more than three in a single image.
 Remember one simple rule to successfully create a bright and unique image - combining. Combine incongruous, play with color and texture, experiment with styles.

For example, if you have a purple sleeveless vest and then here golfiki suit or shirt or herbal orange color. Bottom should be monotonous: dark or light - your choice. Pick shoes matching tank top. But if you have pale skin, from the purple better to give, as it visually make it even paler.

With yellow top is well combined bottom eggplant, blue or black. Do not forget that the yellow color full, so if you are unsure of your figure, choose a warm tone a little darker, for example, orange, red, fuchsia.

Bright pink color looks interesting with black and white colors. Calmer colors - gray. Pale pink sweater combined with a skirt or trousers gray will give your image a romantic and mysterious.

The red color is selected confident personality. But do not wear things that color in a job, choose one of its colors: burgundy or raspberry. Red is good in combination with blue, white and black colors. Black beads over red sweater will give the image of some aggressiveness.

Green would be the best red-haired girl. But this does not mean that this color is available only to them. Green combined with shades of brown, orange and yellow flowers. Put on your pants or skirt beige or coffee with milk color, emerald hue shirt or sweater and a yellow scarf. Brightness and originality guaranteed. But if you have full hips, avoid bright colors below. Then beige better to replace the black or dark brown.

The blue color in clothing should also be avoided ladies with pale skin. An exception can only make a scarf that color.

If your wardrobe is dominated wear black, beige and white, then they can buy clothes and accessories absolutely all shades.

Jeans look good with lace and silk blouses, however, with the shoes should not be athletic and feminine.

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