Choosing a dress on a figure: feminine geometry

Choosing a dress on a figure: feminine geometry
 Even those women who usually prefer pants, choose dresses in those cases when they want to impress men. After all, the dress - is the embodiment of femininity. But choose the outfit that will sit perfectly, it is not so simple.

How to choose a dress on a figure that it emphasizes the dignity and hide flaws? The decision should be taken, focusing on the type of your figure.

Body type "hourglass" or "X" is the most feminine: the width of the hips and shoulders are approximately the same, and a narrow waist. Ideal emphasize the virtues of this type of figure narrow dress with a wide belt.

Body type "Apple" or "O" is characterized by the presence of fat in the upper part of the figure - on the chest, waist and abdomen. Hips and legs at the same time, as a rule, are slim. Girls with a figure of this type fit dress with the smell of a shallow cut. Make proportionate figure dress with a high waist and full skirt enough.

For the type of shape "pear" or "A" is characterized by narrow shoulders, small breasts and massive enough bottom - thighs and legs. Choosing a dress for this type of figure, should focus on the upper part of the figure. Suit dress with decorative elements at chest level and with puffed sleeves, visually expand the shoulders. It is useful to be shoulder pads. V-shaped neckline will help visually expand the shoulders and enlarge breasts, diverting attention from the curvaceous hips.

Women with type figure "inverted triangle" or «V» is usually a powerful torso, wide waist and narrow hips. Make the figure more feminine you can, if you choose a dress on a figure with a focus on the bottom. Trapezoidal silhouette dress suit or with a low waistline. American armhole and shoulder strap loop will shoulders already visually, but from the shoulder pads should be abandoned.

Body type "rectangle" or "H" is often called boyish. The width of the shoulders and hips in this case is the same, and the waist is not expressed. Recommended dress polupritalennogo silhouette, trapeze dresses, dresses with low waist.

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