How to dress for a ski trip

How to dress for a ski trip
 Put on what is worse - still the same to go to the forest? Or dress up fashionable - it will be around a lot of nice lovers healthy lifestyle? Both options - inappropriate. For skiing importantly - comfort and warmth.
 In winter, you can easily catch a cold and get frostbite. However, on the track you should not be hot. If you sweat, and then stop, stop warm wet clothes and starts to cool. Heated wet man quickly gets cold. Therefore, the clothes should be such that at first feel a slight coolness. This means that the skin breathe.

Proper equipment - in three layers. In the sports shop can pick up underwear, which will take away from the body moisture without feeling wet at the same time, and keep warm. It does not cause allergies, destroys the smell of sweat and prevents the growth of bacteria. Thermal underwear can be with a heater and vindstopperom - addition of a special fabric that will not pass into the frosty air. This first layer.

The second layer - sweatshirts and shirts - a kind of valves, remove moisture out, preserving the heat and allow the body to breathe.

The third layer - external. Modern ski suit made of synthetic materials - slim and comfortable. It can be warm-up (walking) - solid, thin and cool, designed for lovers of speed. More "quiet" option - insulated jacket and pants. Any version of outerwear for skiing is made from high-tech "membrane" of the material on the basis of the mesh microfiber, which is fine saves from strong winds and snow. On lap (or across the front of the lower leg) may be placed seals. It is desirable that the collar and cuffs were knit.

Ski shoes should sit tight on the leg, but do not be close. Wear warm socks and ate know that the legs quickly freeze - not even one pair and two or three.

Put your hands warm mittens or ski gloves with special dense patches on the palm and fingers.

Do not forget to warm sports armband or warming ski cap.

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