How to choose and what to wear short shorts

How to choose and what to wear short shorts
 For years, shorts are considered not only sports and beachwear. They can become part of the urban everyday casual-way or even dress for the party. The main thing - to choose the right things, combined with shorts.
 Periodically back into fashion shorts with high waistline. Sew them of plain cotton, often decorated with buttons and a belt. Since this model emphasizes the figure, the top should be freer and more voluminous. Will look good wide shirt resembling men. It should tuck the sleeves and top buttons - to undo. You'll look fragile and feminine.

Fit and typically female blouse with a round collar or collar and ribbons that are tied bow. This shirt should be sewn from light, flowing fabric, such as chiffon.

Finally, to retro-fit shorts plain shirts with straight cut throat and cover kimono. In all these combinations need blouse tucked into shorts.

Still relevant denim shorts. They can be worn with wide trousers T-shirts, T-shirts edge may be asymmetric - in short front and long rear. Fit T-shirt in the style oversize, opening one shoulder. They can be decorated with prints or embroidery in a style popular in this season.

Cowboy image can be created if a short denim shorts and a plaid shirt tuck throw on top of the leather vest.
Finally, the universal can be called shorts in classic style of costume fabric, bottom hems, reminiscent of a classic trouser top. They can pick up the one-color T-shirt with long sleeves, round or V-neck. T-shirts will also work with thin horizontal stripes.

A good option would be a combination of everyday simple T-shirt or t-shirts and long vests matching shorts. For cooler weather, you can buy a few blouses made of soft fabric, simple in cut, quite free, but not similar to men's shirts.
More festive outfit will look consisting of those shorts, silk stamp and jacket. Jacket and shorts must be the same color or similar colors.

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