How to choose a warm down jacket

How to choose a warm down jacket
 Jackets become truly universal clothes - their youth is happy, they are suitable for children, even older people appreciated their practicality. But how not to get lost in a sea of ​​feather that offer manufacturers, and choose a product that would be warm and is perfect for you?
 Primarily when selecting down jacket note at its filler, i.e. fluff. The best is fluff waterfowl, especially goose. Not less demand and duck. At the same time the most valued fluff birds bred in the northern regions, because it large and retains heat well.

One of the main indicators of quality of down is its elasticity. Thus, it is capable of decreasing several times, so this jacket can be easily and compactly packaged. In this case, it must deal in minutes. When you purchase, you will be able to check it out. Fold down jacket into a tube - the compact bundle turned out, the better the quality of down.

It is also necessary to know the percentage of down and feather jacket. The optimal ratio is considered to be 80% to 20%.

When buying a down jacket necessarily palpate it. In this case, you should not feel rigid rods pen. Otherwise, it is said that the pen in the jacket is much more than fluff and this jacket is unlikely to warm you in the cold. In addition, the rods may extend outwardly of the pen, leaving openings in the tissue.

Pay attention to the fact that the jacket was well quilted. Carefully stitched down jacket will not settle down feathers. Also, inspect the seams on the elbow, under the arms, on the back. All of them should be neat and strong, but in any case not looping when the top fabric and lining are sewn through. This firmware is at times reduces the thermal conductivity of the jacket.

Top fabric material should have a water-repellent and windproof properties.

Also note the different parts extra protection from the cold, specified by the manufacturer. Thus, high-quality jacket must be regulated by the cuffs on his wrists, waist, hem. Should also be adjustable hood around the face.

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