How to choose a warm down jacket

How to choose a warm down jacket
 Down jacket - a warm jacket with a filler. Thing you can wear in the winter and in the offseason. There are a variety of these jackets. Select the appropriate option can be based on the preference for style, color, texture of fabric and other parameters.
 Take your favorite thing in your hands. Feel it on the label shall be the composition of the fabric and filler. Mark down indicates filler fluff, which is sometimes eider, swan, duck or goose. One hundred percent down is expensive, it is not easy to find. Feather inscription means that the lining of feathers. Can detect designation - cotton - this jacket. Wool means that the lining is made of wool batting and sintepon - is polyester.

With proper care and neat wear life of the down jackets goose feather will be 20 years old, duck - 5. Jackets from sintepuh less absorb moisture, are inexpensive and do not cause allergies owner.

Check the stitching on the elbow, under the arms, on the back. Line should be smooth, the same color accurate. Ask the seller about the country Manufacturer things. Look at the figures, for example, the ratio is 80/20 and the amount of pure fluff pen. Indicator insulation CLO 1 to 3 means that the jacket is suitable for wearing in cold weather. Ask the Seller, whether you rely additionally spare riveting and rags, and a sample of the filler, which is contained in a feather bed.

More expensive than their counterparts - down jackets produced in Canada. There they sew a long time, guarantee high quality, durability and wide range. The filler is used there one hundred percent eiderdown. Used in high-tech sewing fabric with titanium threads and lycra, things turn waterproof and not blown. Their price is high. Buy a good thing can be and from domestic producers. Such models are cheaper than imported counterparts. Cheapest Jackets - China. Jackets are filled with a mixture of feathers and batting, so you can wear them only one or two of the season, then lost trade dress and jacket have to change a new one.

A good product is made of dense and light microfiber, which is not visible from the fluff. Sew the lining of nylon or silk. Conscientious manufacturers sew valves, closing the zipper on the outside and inside the hood that can detach. Explore fittings things on the buttons, zippers, buttons will find a distinctive trademark.

Note the cuff down jackets, they are usually made of knitted or made of lining fabric gathered at the gum, it is a guarantee that you will not blow. In qualitative lightning down jacket is made at the top and inside the substrate fabric covering on both sides of the fastener, thereby wind and cold air will not penetrate clothing. Good quality thing weighs no more than 500 grams.

Choosing a long down jacket, guided by the rhythm of life. If you move a lot, exercise, and often go over and over, making a trip to public transport, buy a shortened version. Elongated jacket is comfortable during long walks. Jackets sewn on the basis of innovative technologies - thin, equipped with a minimum of seams and stitches, very warm, but have a high price.

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