Autumn wardrobe - stylish and practical

Autumn wardrobe - stylish and practical
 Every time ends summer, the question arises: "What kind of clothes to wear in wet and cool autumn weather? "It is not always being able to intelligently approach the issue of selection of clothes, very often women start feverishly buying unnecessary things, later realizing that they do not fit together.

Fashion is very insidious, and trying to keep up with her, women sometimes make stupid mistakes in the choice of clothing. Autumn wardrobe should be primarily practical and comfortable. But do not think that kind of thing can not be stylish and beautiful. The main thing - to learn how to combine clothes, and then you can look stylish every day, without having in your wardrobe a lot of things.

Of course, in the autumn wardrobe must have pants or jeans, and it is important you choose the right style. Tall, slender women can afford to skinny jeans, but better to prefer low ladies Skinny Pants. It is advisable to choose a more practical color: gray, black, dark blue. They are much easier to combine with different things.

Also in every woman's wardrobe should be turtleneck. It is simply irreplaceable thing and be able to help you out repeatedly. You can wear it under a jacket, a crocheted or knitted dress, tunic or vest. Would be sufficient to have a black turtleneck, although you may want to purchase this item in different colors and each day a new look. However, it is important to think in advance what you will be able to combine these colors, and if you need such a variety.

It should also take care of the autumn dress. It should be moderately warm and comfortable and can be knitted, and a dense jersey, flannel, boucle, various woolen fabrics. Women should choose a low form-fitting dress and high volume can afford to pay by direct or tapered towards the bottom of the silhouette.

Do not be amiss to have a wardrobe of jacket. His style depends on your taste and social status. Women hold positions of responsibility, it is better to buy a jacket classic style. It can be combined with trousers, skirts or dresses strict silhouette. Freer style jacket can be worn with jeans.

Play an important role outerwear. If you like to wear a dress, you'd better buy a raincoat, and its length should hide the edge of a skirt or dress.

That the image was not dark and dull, use a variety of bright accessories. It may be shawls, beads, belts. They are able to significantly transform any wardrobe.

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