Mink coat at all times

Mink coat at all times
 All your favorite mink coats objectively are among the best. Mink fur is not only beautiful but also practical. It perfectly protects from frost and icy winds and worn for many years. In short, high-quality mink coat - a classic for all time. The question is how to find a truly worthy product that satisfies their high status.
 Mink coat at all times - a product that combines quality and beauty. Terms of quality in the present case - wearability, moisture resistance, airtightness, practical, comfortable, great dressing, as the property used for sewing fur. But that the product could be worn for years to come, it must be even and stylish. No need to chase the fleeting fashion, choose classic styles. Otherwise, after a couple of seasons after purchase you will look or old-fashioned or even ridiculous. It is advisable to opt for a long fur coat, otherwise you will blow. Not on the floor, of course, but at least to mid-thigh. An additional advantage will be the presence of the hood. Best mink - Scandinavian, Russian and North American.

Now about the properties of the fur. In the first place, not to be confused with a rabbit hole or a marmot. Compared with mink fur rabbit feels softer and marmot - on the contrary hard, but still uneven pile length. If we talk about the signs of high-end coats, it should be easy, does not have creases; fur should shine and take the original form after crushing. Scrapings should be white, smooth and supple. If it is not visible, that is fully lining sewn in front of you low-grade product. Do not forget to inspect the seams! If the coat is not sewn and glued together from pieces, discard it. Buying new clothes dyed, spend a napkin on the fur: it should not fade.

Do not buy fur on the market! Go to a specialty store. If the capital prices bite, and you want to save money, take a trip to Kislovodsk, Yessentuki and Pyatigorsk: there fur from the manufacturer are much cheaper.

Finally it should be noted that while the usual mink coat worn up to 10 years, will serve sheared 7. If you do not stop - go ahead for the purchase.

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