Underwear: the subtleties of choice

Underwear: the subtleties of choice
 Underwear - the clothes, the choice of which must be taken very seriously, and women in particular. After uncomfortable bras provoke tumors, as they prevent normal blood circulation in the breast area. A poorly chosen panties can serve as a kind of lever that will trigger the development of latent and / or the emergence of new diseases intimate. Choosing underwear, based on three criteria, each of which is equally important.


The best choice - 100% cotton. But it is not always possible to wear cotton underwear. Sometimes you just want to treat yourself, and there are moments when the cotton underwear is not quite appropriate. But cotton - the basic material for daily wear. This fabric is pleasant body, does not cause irritation. And most importantly - a breathable fabric.

In second place - silk. But he has one drawback - it is "cool" stuff to wear underwear made of silk is better in the warmer months. Fit "every day" panties made of natural materials with lycra or other elastic threads. This linen holds its shape better and more durable.


Do not buy cheap underwear sewn in the basement of underage girls in China and shipped to Russia in large quantities. Panties and bras with a cheerfully colored tabs, Pestryaev characters - not the choice of the modern woman. Such items may be a source of dangerous viral disease caused by resistant to high temperatures, and therefore even prewash new panties will not save you. In addition, cheap underwear quickly loses its shape, unreliable seams apart, torn lace after one or two socks. And at the first washing the paint with such underwear washed away literally liters (by the way, low-quality dye may cause a severe allergic reaction).

Buy underwear in specialty stores. Suppose that it is more expensive, but will last a lot longer underwear. Seams on it should be smooth, smooth and flat - not to irritate the delicate skin without scratching and does not leave traces on the skin. There should be no protruding thread.


Feel comfortable you will only underwear size. Panties have to encircle the thighs and buttocks, but do not crash into the skin. Deep traces of gum panties or bra straps suggest that the model or size lingerie selected properly. By the way, the smaller woman wearing a bra, the lower the chance of developing breast cancer, especially after forty. So try not to wear this article of clothing without urgent need. Better to replace the bra well maintained jersey.

Very important model panties that she wears every day. Recently frenzied popular thong panties and thongs, but gynecologists claim that such underwear can be worn only on special occasions. And every day more suitable panties shorts, slightly pull the buttocks.

You can choose any model lingerie in which a woman feels comfortable. One condition - it should not squeeze or rub.

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